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has been dropping tunes for many years in well known clubs, off the beaten path and everywhere in between. He hit’s you with a fully charged pulse of low frequency energy, flooding dance floors with waves of sub bass. While the tracks he drops hail from far-flung corners of the electronic music sphere, you can count on him to grace your eardrums with individually mined and polished gems.

Count on him to surprise you with rare and exclusive cuts by some of the newest up and coming artists from around the world. In Dabis beats the heart of a true junglist. He is most well known for his sets ranging from techy Drum & Bass to rough and rugged Jungle. He is also known for his booty shaking Breakbeats, deep soulful House and minimal Techno sets as well. Whether it’s funky and fun, heavy-hitting, or sultry dark and deep you seek, expect to be edge-of-your-seat as you enjoy Dabis’ rollicking rollercoaster of sound.

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