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Mister Rogers[singlepic id=15 w=350 h=350 float=left]

Mister Rogers’ sounds have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community, but now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his twisted, psychedelic take on bass-heavy mid-tempo, and glitch-ridden breaks.

Mister Rogers first emerged in the San Francisco underground in 2006, and caught the attention of many with his sets of 100% originally produced material. His completely unique syle has bounced crowds at numerous major music festivals world-wide, including Rainbow Serpent and Earth Frequency in Australia, Satya and Lau Lau in Israel, Shambhala, Entheos, and Astral Harvest in Canada, and up and down the U.S. west coast, including Symbiosis Gathering, Esthetic Evolution, The Bounce, Raindance, Alchemeyez, Burning Man, and many more.

Following the success of multiple releases on his own label, Ooze System Recordings and a 4 month tour across over 40 cities in North America, as well as a recent 2 month tour of Australia, Mr. Rogers has since been in the studio crafting a whole slew of new material. He is poised to launch himself even further, in late 2013, with a new EP that has hung in the top 10 of Addictech.com for 4 months, and his 3rd full length album out soon.


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